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EV - Debunking The Myths

As any new technology that comes to the market, EVs have definitely had their critics. There are many misconceptions surrounding EVs out there - We’re here to put some facts straight.
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The EV Chargepoint Grant Explained

If you live in the UK and already own or are begining to think about purchasing an electric vehicle, it's a good idea to keep
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Hertfordshire Chambers of Commerce Nomination

We are delighted to be considered for the Hertfordshire Chambers of Commerce Award, for 'Hertfordshire Family Business of the Year
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The Cost Of A Home Charger For An Electric Car

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular as both privately owned and company cars across the UK, the government are
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Benefit in kind tax for company vehicles that are classed as EV

When employees are presented with a company car, they are briefed on the car tax that they owe back to
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Why should I install an EV (Electric Vehicle) Charger at home?

Contrary to popular belief, the electric vehicle is not something that has recently been discovered – rather, its history dates
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Electric Vehicle Charger Installer.

Hertfordshire and North London. 

Green Electrical & Maintenance Services Ltd are now recruiting and are looking for a fully qualified electrician to join them for EV charger installations. If you feel this is you, then please send your CV to us through the link provided below. Please carefully read through our job criteria before sending, as any applications outside of the listed criteria will not be considered.
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