The EV Chargepoint Grant

The EV Chargepoint Grant is a government initiative grant that is available to electric and hybrid vehicle owners across the United Kingdom.

The grant means homeowners who live in flats and people who live in rented accomodation could see 75% of the costs of purchasing and installing an EV home charging point returned to them (capped to a maximum of £350). 

By taking advantage of the EV Chargepoint Grant, you can make your EV charging point installation substantially more affordable.

If you’re considering installing an EV charging point for your property, please read about our Electric Car Charger Home Installation service for more information.


The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The Workplace Charging Scheme, also known as WCS, allows UK businesses to apply for a grant for up to a maximum of 40 charging points, a saving of £14,000, with each charging unit being capped at £350.

Businesses considering applying for the WCS grant are not required to have a fleet of electric vehicles, but they are required to provide evidence for the need for electric vehicle charging points.

By installing an EV charging point at your business you are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint, future-proofing your business for the rise in electric vehicles and helping your employees save money on tax when they opt for a zero-emission vehicle!

Green Electrical can provide a complete EV service from grant applications and installation to maintenance.  For more information please read about our Workplace EV Charging Installation service.