The Design

First released in 2018, the most noticeable enhancements that BMW made with their sports model were around increased power and a slightly more athletic appearance, embracing a design which sits a little closer to the ground, and thicker wheels all housed under a glossy black arching. The space is not large but the overall handling of the i3s is top class, responding quickly to even very small movements and offering a fast acceleration.

The interior differs only slightly, offering a Sports mode but otherwise offering a remarkably similar finish to the i3. Otherwise the i3s is comfortable, provides plenty of space for a car seat in the back should the need arise, and feels safe to drive with an increased level of handling and anti-roll bars to ensure a very grounded ride.

Other features

The most popular features when reviewing the BMW i3s are those which make it a sports model rather than a regular vehicle; including the sports suspension, the lowered vehicle height, the sharper response and the increased steering effort. All of these make for a thrilling ride which offers a quicker 0 – 60mph speed of just 6.8 seconds.

In terms of the other design alterations when compared with the BMW i3, the i3s’ wider wheels make for a safer ride particularly approaching corners, while the all-new rear wheel drive feature ensures that those corners are taken more smoothly without any loss of grip.

Finally, the i3s has four different modes: Sport, Comfort, ECO Pro, and ECO Pro +. Sport is the most responsive; Comfort is for daily use; ECO Pro allows you to extend the driving range, and Eco Pro + is designed for those times when you’re really running low and need to find a charge point immediately – limiting the car to just 70mph.