Our Quotation

•    All quotations are based on the information being supplied by the customer at the initial contact stage.
•    All quotations for EV charging installations as well as additional works are valid for 30 days.
•    All quotations are issued from our on-line client portal system. Please note, we are unable to proceed with installations without our quotation being electronically accepted. This must be completed in the client portal.


How Can I Receive A Quotation?

Simple.....just follow the process below and we will take it from there.

To start the process all we require are 4 - 5 photographs of your existing electrical installation and supply, ideally where you would like your charger to be installed and any suggested cable runs. But do not worry, this is just to get a feel for the installation and we would not solely base the quotation on the photos sent. If a free of charge site survey is required, then our operations office will arrange this directly with the customer. 

The following additional information is also very useful:

•    Your Electric or Hybrid vehicle - we may be able to advise on the best suitable charger for that EV. 
•    Any preferred brand or model of EV charger that you may have in mind.
•    Your preference for a tethered or socketed (universal) EV charging unit.
•    If you currently have PV Solar Panels, there are some chargers that work in line with PV panels, which means your EV car can be charged free and completely by renewable energy. 

Please send your photos to info@gems-electrical.com.



Need To Reschedule Your Installation?

Please give us a call on 01727 881 969 and we will happily reschedule your appointment. All we ask is 48 hours’ notice.