The Design

The super lightweight body is what gives this vehicle its edge, combined with its solid framing structure which provides crash resistance for both driver and passengers. The passenger cells and doors are made from a reinforced plastic while the structure themselves are made from aluminium, ensuring the best in support with the most lightweight covering; housing a combustion engine, electric motor and the battery pack.

Stepping inside the vehicle, the interior reflects much of what you would expect from another BMW, but with a sleek finish deserving of this sports car. The design is slightly futuristic in its finish, embracing BMW’s trademark blue colour in a number of shades and variations. Users note that the headlights are reassuringly bright and that the driver seat is particularly comfortable, providing a low down base in the car with excellent visibility.

Other features

Despite its lightweight design, the BMW i8 can go from 0 – 60mph in 4.5 seconds, with a typical sports car roar which you would expect from any high performance vehicle. Given its hybrid design you can use the vehicle as a purely electric car or as a hybrid, but it is worth noting that the range is significantly smaller when using it as an all-electric model.  

When it comes to space, the BMW i8 is a little more limited than other vehicles in terms of capacity, though the boot offers a roomy 154 litre space for storage. The built-in functions include climate control, USB connectivity, tyre-pressure automatic checks, damper control, and an 8.8 inch media display system.