The Design

Over time, the Tesla electric vehicle models got smaller – so the Model S is slightly larger than its counterparts. The design is both futuristic and modern, with a large vertical touch screen embedded into the centre column next to the steering wheel, and undisguised air vents for drive comfort.

The Model S is also a vehicle designed for convenience and offers space for five adults plus two jump seats ideal for small children, plus up to 30 cubic feet of space in the boot. As with its sister vehicles, safety comes first with Tesla, so you can rest assured that the structure is reliable and stable, built with a high strength outer structure and floor-built battery which minimises the risk of a rollover on collision.

In terms of performance, the Tesla Model S delivers a knockout result; with the quickest acceleration on earth – from 0 to 60mph in as little as 2.3 seconds – offering unrivalled performance in all weather conditions, and a dual-motor four wheel drive.

Other features

The Tesla Model S was a breakout vehicle which will go down in history, and still today boasts many of the features that even the newest and most modern vehicles are still embracing. From the autopilot function to the 360 degree sensors which support your full drive and parking experience, the Tesla Model S was designed and built around the driver and as such provides a spacious interior which is predictable and easy to use.

The vehicle is also convenient for daily life and family buyers, offering more storage and boot space than most other models of electric vehicle, and ensuring safety from every angle. And not only that, but it looks great too.