The Design

One of the highlights of the eGolf is that it blends in with Volkswagen’s other Golf vehicles, without any of the extra features and frills that other electric vehicles boast. In short, this makes it a fuss-free electric version of something they had already built – and had built well – which gives the eGolf a solid place in the market for those looking for a regular vehicle.

Using the new feature of keyless entry, users will find the same five seats associated with the regular Golf, as well as adequate boot space for such a small car. An automatic gear-shifter makes for a smooth drive experience, replicating much the same driving conditions as the regular Golf – though the start, in line with its electric motor, is almost silent.

With so many similarities, what makes it stand out as an electric vehicle?

Small design features such as LED headlights, C-shaped running lights and the signature VW blue flash across the front grille all indicate the eGolf and set it apart from its sister vehicles; with the LED lights in particular supporting the eco-friendly placement of the eGolf.


Other features

One of the top features we like about the Volkswagen eGolf is the setting you can put the car into, which then controls how you brake and operate the vehicle. Putting the vehicle into regular Drive mode allows it to drive like a regular car, hitting the brake to stop. But if you select the Braking mode, the car will immediately start to slow down whenever you take your foot off the accelerator, allowing you greater control around corners, on large sweeping downhill roads, or even just in stop-start traffic. This latter option can also be considered an energy saver.

The eGolf also provides all of the in-car assistance we have come to expect from Volkswagen, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Park Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist to bring the car to a controlled stop in an emergency.