The Design

Designed as a more affordable branch from the popular Tesla electric models, the Tesla Model 3 is what takes the renowned vehicle manufacturer and makes it available for the general population; allowing more and more people to revel in the benefits of electric vehicles.

As well as its affordability and access for a wider market, one thing which stands out when looking at the Tesla Model 3 is the range of safety features associated with the vehicle. Appealing to a market of family buyers and everyday users, the Tesla team have created a safety-conscious shell made from aluminium and steel, with a roof structure which is able to withstand more than four times the total mass of the car itself.

On top of that, the floor-mounted battery pack ensures a very low rollover risk, as its positioning and weight provide a low centre of gravity that keeps the car steady and grounded.

Other features

Taking a closer look at the interior of the Tesla Model 3, it’s easy to understand its popularity. A true embodiment of the term “smart car”, the Tesla Model 3 can be accessed using your smartphone as a key, with an in-built touchscreen allowing you to access all the key driver controls from navigation to environmental settings, heating, air conditioning and the radio.

The glass roof meanwhile makes for an enjoyable experience in both front and back seats, and the autopilot driver option ensures maximum safety on the roads with the inclusion of ultrasonic sensors positioned all round the car.