The Design

For one thing, the Nissan Leaf is one of the few electric vehicles with a greater range of exterior colours. Though only a small thing when it comes to overall design, this ensures that drivers have a say in their appearance of their vehicle and actually sets the Nissan Leaf apart from many of its competitors. Aside from colour, the design of the Leaf is sleek with an aerodynamic profile and low centre of gravity: both reducing energy consumption on the move.

LED headlights have been installed to support the eco-friendly profile of the Leaf, while the manufacturer has kept the floating roof which has become iconic across the Nissan range and provides a modern finish. Inside the car, the interior is designed around the driver and provides a large horizontal floating screen, comfortable drive selection panel, and easily visible gauges which update the user on charge percentage and time.

Other features

As mentioned earlier, the ProPilot setting of the Nissan Leaf is one of its most refined features, as is the ‘ePedal’ setting. ProPilot is a development which allows the driver to sit back and let the car takeover; reading lines on the road, maintaining a consistent speed, and steering the car safely and smoothly through long straight roads – ideal for use on motorways. ProPilot can also be used to park the car, with the setting giving the vehicle control over the steering, acceleration, brakes and the parking brake. This is all possible using various sensors and cameras installed around the body of the vehicle.

The ePedal setting is another feature which improves the driver experience of the Leaf and also supports in keeping energy consumption low – using just the one pedal which accelerates when pressed, and automatically brakes when released.