The Design

With comfortable space for four adults, with Audi A3 etron is designed with all the convenience you would expect from an Audi vehicle, while the 6-speed automatic gearbox means that cruising along at the desired speed is easy. Putting the car in EV mode is the most eco-friendly relying purely on the electric charge, while Hybrid is the option which utilises both electric and petrol power.

When compared with some of its competitor vehicles, the etron is a little heavier due to the battery and the petrol tank, which makes the handling a little more challenging on tight corners, though the sleek design and body allows the car to glide smoothly on the road.

Inside, the vehicle is minimalist and easy to use, with the steering wheel able to be moved up and down, and the dashboard housing only the most essential controls. A 7 inch screen rises out of the dashboard, and the car also features automatic headlights and wipers, LED headlights and rear parking sensors to enhance the user experience.

Audi e Tron Charging