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How Does Speed Affect My Mileage Consumption?

Whenever you plug your electric vehicle in to charge, the time you charge it for will be translated into the number of miles that your car can now travel.

For example, you may charge your car for half an hour, giving it 50 extra miles on the clock – seemingly just enough to get you back home. However, this calculation is based on an average speed, so it is important to note that the faster you drive, the more charge will be consumed. Users who watched their mileage clock typically see the distance remaining jumping up and down depending on how economic their driving is, and the average speed. Equally, if you slow right down, the charge will last longer and the “miles remaining” will shoot up. 

For new users, we suggest checking long routes to determine the average speed on the roads you will be travelling, making sure to factor in more regular charge stops on a motorway or other roads with faster speed limits.

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