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Will The Cold Weather During Winter Affect My EV?

When the temperature drops, it has an undeniable affect on your electric vehicle – and in fact any car. The batteries in an electric vehicle, like so many others, have an optimal temperature and anything above or below this requires the battery to heat itself up or cool itself down to sit at that temperature.

While your car is perfectly safe outside all year round, there are a few things you can do in the Winter to maximise the range and ensure your car performs as effectively as possible in the cold, including:

-    Use the heated seats and the steering wheel heat when driving, rather than wasting hot air by blowing it into the entire car. This will simply drain energy. 
-    Pre-heat your car while it’s charging instead of only turning the heat up once you’re ready to go. 
-    Use a windscreen anti-frost cover or spray before starting your journey, to save time and eradicate the need to blast hot air at the windscreen before you can get going. 
-    If it snows, remove any snow on top of the car before driving. The excess weight can have an impact on your range. 

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